Kickstart Your Journey of Self-Development 
  • Are you tired of reading self-help books and want practical guidance to improve your life?


  • Do you want to boost your healing & growth?


  • Are you hesitant to commit your time and money to work with a coach or a healer?

Then, my 6-month subscription program may be for you.

 The Crystal Clear Subscription Service 


The membership gives you access to:


  • 1 monthly exclusive video about development topics, skills and tools.

  • 1 monthly video answering questions submitted by members and/or energy readings.

  • 1 select e-course from my curriculum.

  • All available downloadable meditations from my store.

  • Library of documents and guides including tips, exercises and tools.

  • Access to private and moderated Facebook community.

  • 20% discount of any one item from my jewelry store.

A US$300 value for only $69.

With this 6-month service you can take a self-paced approach to your growth.


It is a great way to get started and decide if you want to commit to working with me privately and in a more structured way.


It is also for long-term clients that are now ready to continue their journey autonomously but want to continue getting some guidance and tools.



About Linda Feliciano

I am a coach, a healer and a facilitator.


I help people heal from heartbreak and reconnect with who they are at a soul level so they can open their hearts and feel excited about what is possible in their lives.


Through my own experience I came to understand how difficult it is to heal from heartbreak. Yet that suffering propelled me into my awakening.


As I healed from unhealthy patterns and re-connected to my soul, I opened my heart to creating a meaningful, fulfilling and joyful life.

I want to help you do the same!

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