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12-Week Advanced Program

The Multi-Dimensional Framework - Advanced 12 Week Program

What if you could:

stop the self-judgement and self-criticism?

stop feeling anxious about what others think of you?

bounce back from painful experiences wiser and stronger?

let go of shame or guilt about your own needs?

express yourself, your needs and your desires assertively?


That is exactly the purpose of this program.

If you are:

... anxious about what others may think of you

... fearful of change or failure

... letting your inner critic limit you professional visibility

... a perfectionist who constantly procrastinates

... wanting to break free of self-sabotaging or unhealthy patterns

... a conscious and independent woman who has done

    "the right things" and still feels unfulfilled

... feeling unexcited, stuck or confused about your life

... trying to heal from heartbreak or past wounds

Then, this program is for you!

Through my Multi-Dimensional Healing Framework we

will discover the root cause that gave rise to your inner critic, 

self-sabotage, emotional suffering and lack of fulfillment. 

And, how those wounds connect to current choices.


You will learn practical tools and skills to break through unhealthy

patterns and reconnect with your gifts, your joy, your soul... your self.

This unique program helps you learn and grow at your own pace. Yet, we will work together in a balanced progression that will provide structure, support and continuity in your journey


In this 12-week online program I will help you get clarity about the life you want to create and how to get there. I want you to thrive! You deserve it!

Consciously Building a Meaningful and Joyful Life
The program includes:

      Online Syllabus including the recommended schedule for each week.

      A 60-minute intuitive reading of your soul gifts, energetic and karmic blocks from your Akashic Records and                      recording.

      Five 60-minute private healing/coaching sessions customized to your specific needs. This may include inner child          work, Shadow Work, energy healing, coaching and/or skill development. Session reschedules require 48-hours                notice.

      Accessing the Subconscious e-book including reference, context, exercises & tools to help you harness the power            of your subconscious mind and your emotions.

      Guided meditations encapsulating the vibrational frequencies to help ease and anchor the healing energies and              shifts. Plus, subliminal affirmations intended to help change some of your core beliefs and to facilitate the Shadow        Work and help with integration. 

      Online training and videos on a variety of topics related to healing and personal development.

      Documents, worksheets, guides and additional resources including homework, exercises, tools and tips.

      20% off on any one crystal jewelry item on my online store.


      Four 15-min VIP laser sessions to provide you with quick support and guidance as needed.

      Access to our private and moderated Facebook community.

Team Building

A $1800 value for only $1299

This program is NOT suited for you if you are:

X  Unwilling to step out of your comfort zone

X  Not ready to stop putting band-aids on your problems

X  Closed to new perspectives, insights or feedback

X  Not ready to take ownership of creating the live that you deserve

At the end of this program you will:

Understand how to heal your inner critic


Have a better understanding of why you feel the way you do


Know how unhealthy patterns were created and how to break them


Step out into your professional life as the leader that you are


Have learned new tools and skills to navigate life more easily 


Know how to communicate more effectively


Connect to yourself more, trust your intuition and feel more confident


Better define and assert your boundaries


Be ready to manifest/create the life that you deserve


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Bookmark the Program Syllabus page so you can go back to it as needed. You can also access it from your member's portal by clicking on the arrow next to your name at the top-left corner of your screen.

Follow the instructions on the syllabus.

How does this work?

If you have any issues or questions, you can contact me by clicking on the green chat box at the bottom-right corner of your screen.


My mission is to help and support you in your journey. Online content will be available to you immediately after purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase a full refund can be issued upon request, within 7 days of the purchase date. No refunds will be given after this period.



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About Linda Feliciano

I am an Intuitive Healer and Awareness Coach.


I help people heal so they can create the life that they deserve.


Through my own experience I came to understand how difficult it is to heal your inner critic and core wounds. Yet that process propelled me into my awakening.


As I healed from unhealthy patterns and re-connected to my soul, I discovered how to create a meaningful, fulfilling and joyful life.

I want to help you do the same!

Imagine if by this time next year you were enjoying your life, living consciously and free from self-doubt, self-judgement, shame, fear and self-sabotage. What would your life look like? 
Ready to awaken to your potential and step into the life that you deserve? 

We are living in unprecedented times. With the world changing so fast there is no better time to commit to your journey.

Now is the time to take action.

Get a taste for the insights that you will gain.

Download the free guide on how to heal your Inner Critic here.

If you still have questions or would like to talk to me about working together you can schedule a free consult.

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