Discover the gifts of your soul and reveal the core wounds and beliefs that subconsciously motivate your actions and keep you from living the life that you desire. Create a fulfilling and joyful life!


The 12 week online program helps guide you in your evolutionary journey to align with your soul's calling.

This program will also teach you how to tap into your subconscious mind and begin exploring your core wounds, beliefs, needs and desires. And, to develop the skills to do more than just survive.  I want you to thrive!

The idea is that the program will have us working together in a more structured and supported way which will provide continuity in your journey.

The program includes:​

  • Session to create your soul profile, with recording, where I provide you with an intuitive reading of the gifts and essence of your soul. This also includes energetic blocks and karmic information from your Akashic Records.

  • Accessing the Subconscious e-book including context, exercises, tools and additional references to teach you and ease you into the process of autonomously working with your subconscious mind and help you evolve through balanced progression.

  • Guided meditations encapsulating the vibrational frequencies to help ease and anchor the healing energies and shifts.

  • Five 60-minute private healing/coaching sessions that are customized to your specific needs. This may include inner child work, Shadow Work, energy healing and/or skill development.

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  •  Bonus - I am also including a digital download with subliminal affirmations. They are intended to help change some of your       core beliefs and to facilitate the Shadow Work and help with integration. An information sheet will also be included.


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Purpose, Healing & Fulfillment 12 Week Program


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