I created this program to help guide you in your evolutionary journey.  I want to provide you with tools and support to help you heal trauma and do more than just survive.  I want you to thrive!

I want to help you harness the power of your emotions

to live a more fulfilling, integrated and joyful life. 

The online program helps you heal your childhood trauma and the unconscious patterns they created.  These unconscious patterns often show up in our lives as self-sabotage, passive-aggresiveness and/or impulsive behaviors that derail us from our dreams and prevent us from becoming the expansive and joyful beings we truly are.


How many times have we attempted to lose weight by dieting and as we start seeing some progress we have this unstoppable craving for a pint of ice cream?  Or try to save money only to spend everything we saved on new electronic gadget we don’t need?


Most people attribute that to a lack of will power.  But, is it possible that it goes deeper than that?  Is it possible that something else is going on beneath the surface?  In our unconscious mind?  Is it possible that our unconscious mind has the answers?

You can use this online program at any step along your healing journey. Yet, it is ideal for those who have already been working on their development for a while; whether you've been working with a therapist, another healer or have gone the self-help route. 

During our work, you will be exploring and even challenging some core beliefs and may encounter some resistance along the way.  The program works best if you already have some awareness of your unhealthy patterns, coping and defense mechanisms and what caused them.  It is really deep work and can bring up a lot of emotions. This can be scary and difficult to understand if you have no previous experience to help you put it into context.  In addition, nothing can substitute the personal care you will receive from someone who has already worked with you and whom you trust.

With that said, I trust that if you found me and this work resonates with you, then, the universe led you here and we are meant to work together. 

I will provide you with as much information, comfort and support as I can as you  embark on this journey.  You are always at choice and your feelings are always valid and respected.

The program includes:

  • Guided meditations encapsulating the vibrational frequencies to help ease and anchor the healing energies.

  • E-book including context, exercises, tools and additional references to help you heal and evolve through balanced progression.

  • One group Q&A phone session to discuss questions, challenges, guidance and to create a sense of community.


  • One 60-min private healing/coaching session.

  • 20% off on any one crystal jewelry item.

  • Access to closed and moderated Facebook group.

You can also purchase individual meditations in the form of digital downloads targeting various subjects.  I also provide remote energy healing and trauma healing and coaching services which you can also purchase separately as sessions.

Disclaimer:  This work is not intended to replace medical care.  If you are suffering from a mental/emotional condition and/or are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, please contact your medical care professional. 

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