I want to help you break through your blocks and connect to your soul so you can create an inspired and fulfilling life. 

The focus of our work together will be on looking at aspects of your life that you wish to improve by using a variety of tools and modalities. I will support and help you:




Through this practical approach to spirituality you can become conscious of your gifts and subconscious blocks to make empowered choices. I help you gain clarity about the life you want to create and how to get there.  



I use several modalities in my practice to help you on this journey. Please find the details below.

Soul Realignmet is a modality through which I can intuitively access your Akashic Records to create your soul profile and discover the unique gifts of your eternal soul. I will also identify the active energetic blocks and imbalances so you can release distorted and painful karmic patterns and align with your soul's purpose.  


As a Certified Practitioner of Teal Swan's The Completion Process I use shadow work, parts work, inner child work and emotional processing to explore patterns and the subconscious motivations that perpetuate them to help you recognize the trauma from which these patterns originated. We will work together to explore the needs and desires behind them. 

I am a Certified ARCH Healing® Practitioner (C-AHP) and do energy healing and often work with crystals.  I will use these tools to help ease and anchor your energetic shifts. As an intuitive facilitator I will also provide spiritual guidance and support.

In my coaching, I will facilitate the learning of skills and tools that you can use to connect to the wisdom within and steer your own healing and development. I will guide and support you in taking aligned action.

My 12 week program combines all of these services into a structured progression that provides on-going support and continuity. If you are not ready to commit to the program, you can also purchase individual services.  


You are the architect and engineer of your life, of your journey.  My mission is to support and encourage you through this process.  To help you lay the foundation on which you can build a life that is in alignment with your soul's gifts and deepest desires.



PurposeHealing and Fulfillment

I created this 12-week online program to help guide you in your evolutionary journey to align with your soul's calling.

This program will also teach you how to tap into your subconscious mind and begin exploring your core wounds, beliefs, needs and desires. And, to develop the skills to do more than just survive.  I want you to thrive!

The idea is that the program will have us working together in a more structured and supported way which will provide continuity in your journey.

You can use this online program at any step along your healing journey, yet it is ideal for those who have already started seeking. Whether you've been working with a therapist, another healer or have gone the self-help route, if you are interested in Process or Shadow Work and are now ready to delve deeper, this program is for you!  I trust that if you found me and this work resonates with you, then, the universe led you here and we are meant to work together. 

The program includes:​

  • Soul Realignment session with recording where I provide you with an intuitive reading of the gifts and essence of your soul. This also includes energetic blocks and karmic information from your Akashic Records. 

  • Accessing the Subconscious e-book including context, exercises, tools and additional references to teach you and ease you into the process of autonomously working with your subconscious mind and help you evolve through balanced progression.

  • Guided meditations encapsulating the vibrational frequencies to help ease and anchor the healing energies and shifts.

  • Five 60-minute private healing/coaching sessions that are customized to your specific needs. This may include inner child work, Shadow Work, energy healing and/or skill development.

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  •  Bonus - I am also including a digital download with subliminal affirmations. They are intended to help change some of your       core beliefs and to facilitate the Shadow Work and help with integration. An information sheet will also be included.

Our Covenant

  • Show up. It won’t always be easy or fun.  But, it won't always be hard either.  Commit to your journey, and soon enough your path will become clear. 

  • Feel.  Triggers and emotions are not your enemy.  They are a gateway into the evolution of your soul.  Fear, anger, shame, pain, joy, pleasure are all trying to tell you to something.  Listen carefully. 

  • Explore.  Open yourself up to the infinite potential of experiences.  Look at old or repeating experiences with a new perspective.  Find out what brings you joy.

  • Trust.  Believe that the universe is on your side.  That what you experience as pain or trauma can be powerful catalysts in your journey and can propel you into greatness.

  • Be brave.  Be willing to reveal who you are; even to yourself.  Fearlessness is not the goal.  Courage is.

  • Be kind...  to yourself and to others.  Niceness is about how you are perceived.  Kindness is about who you are.

My vision is to support and encourage you in your evolution.  

Listed below is a summary of all the services and products I provide to help you along your journey.

12 Week Advanced Program

All services combined into a structured progression that provides on-going support and continuity.

Online Courses

Short video classes and webinars on specific subjects.

Soul Evolution Subscription 

Subscription and membership service with access to exclusive videos and FAQs published monthly.

Individual Sessions

Stand-alone healing/coaching sessions focused on one specific area.

Meditation Downloads

Digital downloads of guided meditations and activations encapsulating energetic healing.


Woke, a book I co-authored that focuses on inspirational stories of awakening and conscious living.


Hand-crafted, energetically-programmed jewelry to help you in your journey.

YouTube Channel

Free videos about various self-development topics.

If you are interested in becoming a Soul Realignment Practitioner click here.

Disclaimer:  This work is not intended to replace medical care.  If you are suffering from a mental/emotional condition and/or are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, please contact your medical care professional. 

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