Free yourself from childhood trauma and reconnect to your soul so you can create a meaningful, joyful and fulfilling life. 

Luna Healing Multi-Dimensional Healing Framework

Do you feel like you have done everything you were supposed to do and yet, here you are; still feeling stuck, apathetic and disempowered about your life? Are you ready to stop struggling and start healing today?


If so, the focus of our work together will be on looking at aspects of your life that you wish to improve. I will support and help you:


If you are on a journey of self-development, healing or spiritual growth it is very likely that you have been working on some, or maybe even all of these for some time. Yet, despite all your efforts your find yourself still struggling to manifest the life of your dreams. 

There is one key ingredient missing from your efforts. You see, most healing and development work focuses on the behavioral and mindset aspect of the journey. But, what if I told you that understanding your past pain and how it is still impacting your current choices can help you unlock your healing?


Through my Multi-Dimensional Healing Framework we will take a practical approach

to healing and development to help you make empowered choices. I help you

gain clarity about the life you want to create and how to get there.  

I use several modalities and tools in my practice to help you along this

journey. We will work on healing all aspects of you. We will engage

the cognitive aspect to IDENTIFY and gain understanding of how

all the pieces connect together and help you change your

mindset. We will HEAL the emotional wounds of your

childhood trauma through the subconscious. Spiritually,

I will create the energetic container to help you

RE-CONNECT to your self while anchoring and

facilitating the healing.

Through my coaching, I will also facilitate the

learning of skills and tools that you can use to

connect to the wisdom within and steer your own

healing and development. I will guide and support

you in taking aligned action to CREATE a meaningful

and fulfilling life.


My 12 week advanced program combines all of my services into a structured progression that provides on-going support and continuity. If you are not ready to commit to the program, you can also purchase individual services.  

  • find emotional balance & resiliency

  • stop living in fear

  • break through patterns

  • claim your power & feel confident

  • let go of shame & self-judgement

  • get clear & excited about your life

  • uproot limiting beliefs

  • heal childhood trauma

  • practice self-love

  • set & maintain healthy boundaries

  • improve your relationships

  • stop self-sabotaging

  • get "unstuck"

  • reconnect with your soul gifts 

  • express yourself authentically

  • meet your needs

  • find meaning & light your passion

  • manifest your dreams

You are the architect and engineer of your life, of your journey.  My mission is to support and encourage you through this process.  To help you lay the foundation on which you can build a life that is in alignment with your soul's gifts and deepest desires.

Your Commitment

  • Show up. It won’t always be easy or fun.  But, it won't always be hard either.  Commit to your journey, and soon enough your path will become clear. 

  • Feel.  Triggers and emotions are not your enemy.  They are a gateway into the evolution of your soul.  Fear, anger, shame, pain, joy, pleasure are all trying to tell you to something.  Listen carefully. 

  • Explore.  Open yourself up to the infinite potential of experiences.  Look at old or repeating experiences with a new perspective.  Find out what brings you joy.

  • Trust.  Believe that the universe is on your side.  That what you experience as pain or trauma can be powerful catalysts in your journey and can propel you into greatness.

  • Be brave.  Be willing to reveal who you are; even to yourself.  Fearlessness is not the goal.  Courage is.

  • Be kind...  to yourself and to others.  Niceness is about how you are perceived.  Kindness is about who you are.

My vision is to help you gain freedom from childhood trauma and create a meaningful, joyful and fulfilling life.  

If you are interested in becoming a Soul Realignment Practitioner click here.

Disclaimer:  This work is not intended to replace medical care.  If you are suffering from a mental/emotional condition and/or are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, please contact your medical care professional.