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Terms & Conditions


What is process work?


Process work is an umbrella term used to refer to techniques, tools and modalities that allow people to work through stressful and intense emotions or events in order to help improve their mental health and emotional states and prevent the onset or retriggering of trauma. 



What is shadow work?


Shadow work is a type of process work that is focused on bringing your unconscious (i.e. shadow) into consciousness in order to heal and resolve associated trauma and reach a deeper understanding of the self.  There are various types of shadow work.  In my practice I focus on Teal Swan's The Completion Process and Parts Work.  For more information on either of these processes please visit the links below:

What is ARCH Healing®


ARCH Healing® is an ancient Hawaiian form of vibrational/energetic healing.  It is considered "a quantum leap beyond Reiki" because it operates using the main 7 chakras and contains the full spectrum of frequencies.  It works on the physical, mental, emotional/etheric and spiritual bodies. 

How do healing and coaching sessions work?

Each session is different as it is based on the needs of the client at that specific time.  In general, for all my services, including the online program, I use a combination of techniques and tools to assist you in your journey.